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Jaws of the Dragon

by Evan D'Alessandro

18 Nov 2023

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £35.00

Set some time in the near future: can an unwieldy coalition of the willing defend Taiwan against a determined Chinese invasion? A mixed operational/political game of high-intensity modern warfare.
These links have been provided by the community. Click on a panel to link to that resource. Although these are not all from Megagame Makers, most will be of a high quality. Please attribute the author and follow any conditions they set. If you would like to contribute resources, please email us.


Getting to Anerley

Megagame Makers

Many MM games take place at Anerley Town Hall. A few take place at Anerley Methodist hall (where Chestnut Lodge Wargames group meets every month)

Guide for New Megagamers

Megagame Makers

Your first Megagme is daunting and unnerving. This short and simple introduction should help.

Presentation about the History of Megagames

Dave Boundy

A presentation of the history of Megagames, given by Dave Boundy to the online convention run by the Megagame Coalition


SU&SD Play... A Goddamn Megagame

Shut Up & Sit Down

The video of Watch the Skies that created a stir when it was released in 2014. SU&SD attended a Megagame, enjoyed it immensely and made this engaging video of the event.

SU&SD Play Watch the Skies 2 (part1)

Shut Up & Sit Down

After the success of their first video, SU&SD decided to come along to the 300-player version of Watch the Skies. They made a 2 part video of it.

SU&SD Play Watch the Skies 2 (part 2)

Shut Up & Sit Down

This is part 2 of the SU&SD about their play of Watch the Skies 2 (the mammoth 300 player version)

Online Con by Megagame Coalition Video Clips

Dave Boundy

A series of clips associated with Dave Boundy's presentation to the Online Convention run by Megagame Coalition.

Game Downloads

The Plan

Stone, Paper, Scissors

The players are the key senior decision makers and planners of Freedonia. In the game they have to communicate, negotiate and problem solve with their fellow committee members to come up with a successful War Plan. Suitable for groups of 4 to8 , the ideal number is 6. Designed as lasting no more than a hour.

Price of Victory

Dave Boundy

The Somme 1916 by Jim Wallman, Andy Grainger and Dave Boundy, with extra development by Bernie Ganley and Mukul Patel. The original game was was devised for year 9 at St. Olave's School as part of their studies of WW1, before they visited Flanders.

Washington Conference

Dave Boundy

Pure negotiation and diplomacy. Attempting to provide peace in the 1920s by agreement on naval sizes and on the expected next flash-point: China. An accurate historical portrayal of the Washington Conference of 1921/22 involving UK, USA, Japan, France, Italy, Netherlands and Baltimore Sun.

Relics of the Fall

John Keyworth

The Indicus Wilds form a barrier between two great nations. The freezing desert of the martial Steel Empire and the trade network of the Silk City States. Then there are the Wilder Societies who have chosen the hardships and freedoms of mountains. Note: not recommended to run "as-is"