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Funeral Games

by Rob Cooper

30 Nov 2019

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

After Alexander the Great

Politics, great deeds and treachery after Alexander is dead

Bad Moon Rising

by Jim Wallman

22 Feb 2020

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

A hard science fiction game set in an only very slightly alternative 1970s with hostility and competition threatening to start a hot war on the Moon

Who Will Watch Them

by Jonathan Pickles

9 May 2020

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

Super-heroes, super-villains and vigilantes. Setting the rules for super-powers in a context of vigilante crime fighting in New York.

Two Brush Strokes

by Dave Boundy and Brian Cameron

20 Jun 2020

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

A political and operational game set in China late 1920's/early 1930's. Nationalists, Communists, Japanese, Warlords, all vying for power and control.

This list shows all games around the world that have been announced. Use the link with the city name to obtain a specific game location. Use the game name link for more information and the link with the organisation for that organisation's website or Facebook group.

November 2019
16thWho will Watch ThemManchester UKPennine Megagames
16thFrom WithinCardiff UKHexheart Games
17thTerra GalactisLoughborough UKLSU Tabletop Games Society
22ndDen of WolvesAnn Arbor MI USAMichigan Megagamesat U-con
23rdDen of WolvesAustin TX USAMegagames Texas
23rdEverybody DiesTrollhattan SwedenSpel i Vast
23rdIt Belongs in a MuseumNewcastle UKTrue North Megagames
23rdUrban Nightmare: London CallingLondon UKHorizon Megagames
24thClimate CrisisCambridge UKCambridge Megagames
24thDen of WolvesOsnabruck GermanyRubicon Osnabruck
30thDen of WolvesOslo NorwayMegagame Oslo
30thFuneral Games 3London (Anerley) UKMegagame Makers

December 2019
7thWatch the SkiesZurich SwitzerlandZurich Megagames
14thCrisis in ElysiumGothenburg SwedenGothenburg Megagames

January 2020
11thInfinite HorizonsBristol UKSouth West Megagames
18thThe Dancing CongressStockholm SwedenGameMakers Malmo
25thUrban Nightmare: London CallingReading UKReading Megagames

February 2020
15thDen of WolvesEdinburgh UKTrue North Megagames
16thAtlantic RimMontreal CanadaRex Brynen and McGill
22ndBad Moon RisingLondon (Anerley) UKMegagame Makers
29thCrisis in ElysiumLondon UKHorizon Megagames

March 2020
7thApocalypse NorthOttowa CanadaOttowa Megagames
14thUndeniable VictoryCambridge UKCambridge Megagames
28thMirrorshadesLondon UKHorizon Megagames

May 2020
9thWho Will Watch ThemLondon (Anerley) UKMegagame Makers
30thWatch the Skies:1898London UKHorizon Megagames

June 2020
20thTwo Brush StrokesLondon (Anerley) UKMegagame Makers
27thThe System Has Already WonDundee UKTrue North Megagames

August 2020
8thTBALondon (Anerley) UKMegagame MakersAnnouncement in 2020
29thRed Planet RisingGlagow UKTrue North Megagames

October 2020
24thTBALondon (Anerley) UKMegagame MakersAnnouncement in 2020

This list is created by information from organisations around the globe and by trawling the web. It might therefore be incomplete or inaccurate, despite my best efforts, so you should contact the organisers before making plans.