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full package zip file (131Mb) Game Handbook .pdf (12Mb) Game Handbook .odt (104Mb) Press at the 2018 game (courtesy of James Kemp

This is a small web site devoted to playing the Megagame "Washington Conference" which simulates the 1921/22 peace conference held in Washington DC, USA. The Washington Naval Conference dealt with the sizes of the navies of major countries as well as the expected cause of conflict - China and the Pacific.

Please do not download or read anything but the Game handbook if there is a possibility that you might play, rather than organise the game. It is not disastrous if you do, but it will lessen enjoyment for you.

Please do not repeat this material on a web site or link to it without permission and attribution. This will avoid any out of date material or abuse.

The game is written for 40 players, forming 8 teams: GB and Empire, Japan, USA, France, Italy, Netherlands, China and the press. The game handbook gives a detailed background to the naval and political issues that the conference struggled with

Anyone is welcome to use this material to run their own game. I have provided all the necessary files as .pdfs and as Open Document Format files which should be editable by reputable word-processors and spreadsheets, but you can definitely edit them using Libre Office , an Open Source Office suite.

I have changed the handbooks so that they are not related to a particular date. I have therefore provided all handbooks in both .pdf form and in .odt form. This means that you can personalise the handbooks to suit your own situation and I recommend that you provide your own timetable (I have left the timetable there to give a guide to running the game in a day) and your own venue layout (I have left a blank). Please feel free to change anything else that you wish, but I suggest that you use proper style discipline (use headings etc.) which means that you will be able to update the index to pages.

There are also spreadsheets available to help the calculations for every team. The .ods sheets should have more formatting and graphics that the .xlsx sheets. I use Libre Office as my main Office suite, so the Microsoft formatted sheets are there purely for those rich enough to solely use MO (which should anyway handle .ods - but I don't trust it).)

I have tried to make everything as accurate as possible, but with a project of this size I can't guarantee anything. It is, in any case, meant to be a game so I shelter behind that, which forgives most things. I have also tried to use only material that I have written or that is out of copyright. You have permission to use my material (with accreditation), but of course I can't be held responsible for your use of this material.

I hope you enjoy using this and running a game. I'd love to hear about anything you do and will probably include it in my list of planned Megagames.

All the best Dave Boundy