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By the Grace of God

by Ed Silverstone

5 Oct 2019

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

Ending Civil War

Political game to end the civil war with Charles I

Funeral Games

by Rob Cooper

30 Nov 2019

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

After Alexander the Great

Politics, great deeds and treachery after Alexander is dead

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Megagame Makers leads a friendly community, running Megagames in the London area and acting as a focal point for Megagames across the globe, drawing on experience of over 30 years. We pride ourselves on making people very welcome and helping them,

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Megagames are large games involving teams of players. Although we use the term “game”, a Megagame is more of an experience. Lasting all day, you will become immersed in the subject and the interactions. The subject matter can range from politics, economics, history, science fiction and heroic fantasy. Much of what goes on might be described as roleplaying - though there is also a large element of problem solving, strategy, negotiation and of course, humour.

Starting in the 1980’s, this loose association of friends has produced a great number of Megagames, always trying to improve – creating more fun and interest through original games. We are a dozen designers who share a belief in high standards and games that give a real sense of being part of history or an imagined universe.

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