Lace Wars

by Bernie & Gareth

14 May 2022

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

The Seven Years War (1756-63) was actually the most bloody and world-wide war in the Eighteenth Century, many have called it The First World War due to being fought in Europe, North America, Caribbean, India and the trade routes of the world. It was a bloody and so exhausting war for all the major powers, that it needed to end up with a workable Peace Treaty!

The Bear Growls

by Terry

2 Jul 2022

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

A political megagame set in the late 2020s. In an era of increasing international confrontation, a crisis suddenly arises in the Baltic. As tensions mount and events seem to be spiralling out of control, can the crisis be resolved without a potentially disastrous war breaking out?

Designer's Comments

Colonial expansion at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century. p> Jim and I had played a boardgame about colonial expansion which inspired a plenary game we did for a Wargames Developments Conference. This had to be very simple so that progress could be made in the space of a couple of hours play with about forty people. Almost inevitably, the thought was of doing it as a megagame. As we wanted to focus on colonial expansion, players weren’t allowed to fight wars in Europe (something of a fudge but it set the historical background). Another design that’s on my list of games to update ‘one day’.


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