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Washington Conference Centennial

by Dave Boundy

6 Nov 2021

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

The Megagame of big power politics and diplomacy in 1921. An immersive experience making you a key mover in the conference that defined international relationships and sowed the seeds of a short peace and a devastating war.

The Bastard Comes

by Andrew Hadley

4 Dec 2021

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

The megagame of resistance to the Norman Conquest - set in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings. The Normans and their allies seek the crown and the rich lands of England. The Anglo-Saxons would like to preserve their kingdom and their family holdings. Other neighbours (Celts, Vikings and Franks in particular) may take the opportunity to get involved, or to use the time to settle their own internal affairs.

Lace Wars

by Bernie & Gareth

14 May 2022

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

The Seven Years War (1756-63) was actually the most bloody and world-wide war in the Eighteenth Century, many have called it The First World War due to being fought in Europe, North America, Caribbean, India and the trade routes of the world. It was a bloody and so exhausting war for all the major powers, that it needed to end up with a workable Peace Treaty!

The Bear Growls

by Terry

2 Jul 2022

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

A political megagame set in the late 2020s. In an era of increasing international confrontation, a crisis suddenly arises in the Baltic. As tensions mount and events seem to be spiralling out of control, can the crisis be resolved without a potentially disastrous war breaking out?


My gaming background came from a family that loved board games, but in my teens I moved via (figure) wargames into roleplaying games, and I was essentially a roleplayer in the early 1990s when I first encountered megagames (Jim Wallman continues to scoff at my protestations that I am Not A Wargamer). A group of ex-Uni friends found Jim's Star Trek-based 'Final Frontier' megagames, and we started turning up en masse as a team. They were really only interested in the Sci-Fi ones, but I personally started to find the military and political ones equally engaging for the elements that other games of my experience lacked - 'fog of war', complex negotiations with many interested parties etc, and I got drawn into megagaming as a hobby.

I enjoyed the alternate history element of some games, and finally found myself brave enough to try my hand it it myself in 2001 with the megagame of the Third Crusade, 'City of God'. Some people have fond memories of it, but it was a very steep learning curve and it only barely survived contact with the players. Since then I've hopefully learned a few things each time, running two iterations of a game on the end of the Roman Republic (Alea Iacta Est), and returning to the Middle Ages with City of the Devil, which had a broader, pan-European scope to it. Designing and running megagames I still find stressful and time consuming, and I'm still essentially a roleplayer in my gaming life. However, that did come in handy as a collaborator on the Call of Cthulhu-themed game 'At Right Angles to Reality'.

Game Designs

Richard Hands
29th September 2001City of GodEardley School - Streatham
22nd January 2005Alea Iacta Est!Anerley Town Hall
9th November 2013Alea Iacta Est IterumAnerley Town Hall
1st December 2018City of The DevilAnerley Town Hall

Brian Cameron, Richard Hands and Jim Wallman
13th May 2006At Right Angles to RealityAnerley Town Hall