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Washington Conference Centennial

by Dave Boundy

6 Nov 2021

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

The Megagame of big power politics and diplomacy in 1921. An immersive experience making you a key mover in the conference that defined international relationships and sowed the seeds of a short peace and a devastating war.

The Bastard Comes

by Andrew Hadley

4 Dec 2021

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

The megagame of resistance to the Norman Conquest - set in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings. The Normans and their allies seek the crown and the rich lands of England. The Anglo-Saxons would like to preserve their kingdom and their family holdings. Other neighbours (Celts, Vikings and Franks in particular) may take the opportunity to get involved, or to use the time to settle their own internal affairs.

Lace Wars

by Bernie & Gareth

14 May 2022

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

The Seven Years War (1756-63) was actually the most bloody and world-wide war in the Eighteenth Century, many have called it The First World War due to being fought in Europe, North America, Caribbean, India and the trade routes of the world. It was a bloody and so exhausting war for all the major powers, that it needed to end up with a workable Peace Treaty!

The Bear Growls

by Terry

2 Jul 2022

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

A political megagame set in the late 2020s. In an era of increasing international confrontation, a crisis suddenly arises in the Baltic. As tensions mount and events seem to be spiralling out of control, can the crisis be resolved without a potentially disastrous war breaking out?


Enthralled by military history, war movies and battle dioramas as a child, I was easy prey for the hobby when I first came across minature wargames at the National Army Museum aged 8. Inflicting terrible home brew rules on my parents and schoofriends, I found my hobby outlet of a lifetime through Chestnut Lodge and Megagame Makers aged 15. After more than a quarter century of serious gaming, I have learned more history through games than through my formal education.

I play RPGs and computer strategy games, but my favourite part of the hobby is playing and designing megagames, in particular the interaction between politics and warfare. I tend to prefer historical games still but am up for most things with interesting stories and mechanisms. My main interest is late Anglo-Saxon England, especially the 11th century - I am working on my third game in a trilogy about the decline and fall of the Saxon kingdom. I'm also very interested in ancient mediterranean history (especially Greeks and Carthaginians), the works of JRR Tolkien and a hundred other more minor obsessions.

I refuse to accept the dualism of the Simulation-Game spectrum. I want to write and play games that are realistic but also full of interesting decisions. For me, the crucial decision is scenario selection - picking a game context that generates agency for lots of players within a plausible historic framework. I don't want to re-run history - I want to explore how the possibilities could have worked out differently. I also want to learn something from the experience - and hope that those playing my games do so as well.

At their best, megagames are a grand historical experiment - what if? - as well as a brilliant social environment for interacting with all sorts of gamers. I have hugely enjoyed the renaissance in the last 5 years and it's great to see so many different people making different sorts of games.

Game Designs

Andrew Hadley
17th March 2007For the Light of the TreesAnerley Town Hall
13th November 2010Come One and EorlAnerley Town Hall
14th November 2015Come to a KingAnerley Town Hall
8th August 2020The Bastard ComesAnerley Town Hall

Andrew Hadley & Bruce Walton
15th November 2018Hands of the ManyAnerley Town Hall