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Another Dance at the Congress

by Brian Cameron

22 Oct 2022

Anerley Town Hall

Game fee is £30.00

A lot of interest has been expressed by those who played and those who missed it in another run of my 2019 game, The Dancing Congress. The game is about the Congress of Vienna which met in 1814-15 to map out Europe following the defeat of Napoleon.

The player teams represent the countries attending, each with their own agenda for regaining territory lost/gaining new territory while ensuring that no power is in a position to dominate Europe.

There are no military operations in the game: this is a meeting of statesmen and women to negotiate a settlement through a mixture of open, honest exchanges and dodgy deals made in back rooms.

By Other Means

by Edward Silverstone

25 Feb 2023

Anerley Methodist Church Hall

Game fee is £35.00

By Other Means is a space opera megagame of high-level diplomacy, negotiation and conflict loosely inspired by the Peace of Westphalia. Following decades of debilitating war, the major powers of the galaxy must find a workable peace, without losing too much of what each has gained.


Becky "BeckyBecky" Campbell-Ladley started megagaming in 2014, just before the megagame explosion caused by the Shut Up & Sit Down video of Watch The Skies (which Becky featured in). She has played over 60 megagames to date.

In 2016 she ran her first original megagame, Everybody Dies, based in the world of Game of Thrones during the War of the Usurper / Robert's Rebellion. This game was rerun twice: in 2017 as Everybody Dies Harder, with the same setting, and in 2018 as Everybody Dies 3: Playing With Fire, set during the Dance of the Dragons.

She followed this up with the revolutionary Trope High megagame, set in a supernatural American high school.

She is a voracious megagame blogger at BeckyBecky Blogs, where her notable articles have included 7 Habits of Highly Effective Megagamers and her How To Write A Megagame series.